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The mission of Citizens for a Scenic Wisconsin is to preserve and enhance the visual character of Wisconsin.

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Charlie Mitchell, Editor

2022 Year End Report

  Dear Friends, Advancing and defending the principles of Scenic Wisconsin made 2022 a busy year. From efforts to end billboard blight to preserving scenic byways, increasing agricultural tourism and barn preservation, Scenic Wisconsin actively engaged with state...

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Highway study calls for underground power lines

Higher efficiency plus broadband without unsightly towers Major highways connecting cities across the country could someday be used to deliver green energy and high-speed internet service. Wisconsin already has the “playbook” to make it happen, says a new study by the...

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Tree Extinction and the Importance of Native Species

We often hear of extinction in the context of animals, but plants can—and have—become extinct, too. In fact, a 2020 paper cited 65 plant species that have recently become extinct in the continental U.S. and Canada. Recently extinct tree...

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